You will learn powerful inner technology strategies to...

  • Use Art for Self-Care
  • Summon your Most Creative Self
  • Create Art that Heals and Inspires the World
  • Get the Connected Boost of Inspiration
  • Work with the Synchronicity
  • Maintain and build resilience in chaotic times.

True He(ART) Academy

It is our vision that individuals, schools, communities and work places will be impacted positively by the participants, and their initiatives created while working, and building together in the 6 months in person and online course in True He(ART) Academy.

True He(ART) Academy’s Vision Towards Social Justice:

True He(ART)Academy’s Vision for Social Justice is a vision that will utilize the core dynamics of what has universally brought human beings together and gave them a common ground and that common ground is Art. Art as a Technology for effective and efficient communication will help to bridge the gaps between the generations and the many variations of social action groups and organizations that are currently doing the work. Also, the mission is to refocus on what often gets over looked and that is the individual’s well-being, and how to re-energize and remain resilient in the sometimes-challenging field of Social Justice.

A word from the Creator of True He(ART) Academy:

I have been blessed to be a leader in my field being known as one of the only professional Hip-Hop teaching artists in Westchester New York having done it for over ten years on a professional level. The support from my many partnerships that I have been given has allowed me to remain sharp and gather new tools and strategies for becoming my most productive self. I feel that the impact that I can have on my world community will be one that will inspire, cultivate, and activate the new leaders to come”. "True He(ART) Academy is an agency building a new paradigm shift in art and creativity."

True He(ART) Academy’s short and long-term goals are to:

  • Teach community members, teachers, law enforcement, teams, artist and activist creative strategies and tools for wellbeing and resilience.
  • Create a new cohort within New York, Westchester, and the World of Artist and Activist with a Social Justice focus coming from a Mindful and Heart Based space.
  • A Specific Mission the Academy has for Hip Hop Artist is to Build a Healing Community of Leaders Enhancing and Utilizing Their Gifts to Transform and Transcend the Negative Perceptions of Urban Art forms.

Apply for the Academy

and attendance to the 6-month workshop series

Keep the He(ART) Beating!

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Payable to: WESPAC Foundation
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