True He(ART) Academy Workshop (Complete)

True He(ART)Academy 6 series downloadable workshop course is here for the WORLD to join in on this exploration. I encourage everyone to enroll and learn more about what we will accomplish as a collective through the model of a guided artistic expression practice. Watch this description…



  1. Hello!
    I’ve been following you from a long time on Instagram and Twitter, as I connect quite well with your ideas. In a certain way, I got inspired since some years ago to learn more about the ‘physical’ explanations of spirituality, our true origins and how we all are connected.
    I’m a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, psychologist and have learned about (may I say) the holistic essence of Time thanks to the Mayan Tzolkin as a ‘Space-time’ matrix, so I quite understand some of your sharings.

    Nevertheless, despite my strong interest in studying with you, I live in Venezuela and the chances to get the economic base to enroll in the academy (Resonance, True Heart or HeartMath) are quite harder.

    Hence, I would like to know if there’s any chance to:
    – Have any discount due to this situation;
    – I teach Kundalini Yoga and have given online classes and have a lot of resources about how to modify your state of mind and health conditions with simple exercises, including some sets for heart-activity regulation. I studied KY simultaneously with Psychoneuroimmunology, so I have done some research about the proven effects of their application.
    – Work or study with you somehow else, or join any research activity (like group meditation or experiments) you do that requires volunteers. Maybe this or the KY classes could work as an exchange for the discount.

    I would love, for example, to join any meditative group where we can share all of this knowledge, as these connections/ group resonance from the heart go beyond physical approach, but most of the people I had here to practice this has left the country and are too busy as migrants, at least to starting phase which requires some extra impulse.

    @manualejandrop for both TW and IG
    Thanks for reading and hoping to get your response!

  2. Cornell C says:

    Enroll now Manuale ” We welcome you with open arms ”

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