As True He(ART)Academy gears up for its first workshop titled ” Super Hero Song Writers,” on March 10th, 2018 I would like to create a new lens to view the phenom that we now know as ” The Black Panther.”Through Black Panther, you will see how the powers that be manipulate the thin veil of visual subliminal suggestion to guide the masses in the direction that will allow them “The Powers That Be”( Refer to Public Enemy’s Song “Fight The Power”) to have the most significant access to their potential energy. Now, of course, there’s always a pendulum and the possibility of the people utilizing the opportunity in time to shift the swing in their favor in the best interest of their future. But the more profound science may be that through visual manipulation and your participation in the optical manipulation and visual wizardry your nine times out of 10 likely to be subject to whatever direction it steers you. We have to arrive at a place collectively where we can extract the potential forward thinking fuel from a thing like a movie or a statement from a famous figure or even the election of a president, and turn that into unyielding action until the scale is overflowing in our favor.
You see how long it took us to forget about our support for the boycott of the NFL?. What I’m saying is that the widespread perception of what the machine does is utilizes our short-term thinking against us. I’m also going to go ahead and say that the machine creates our short-term thinking for us.
Now the mission and purpose of this article is to stimulate the mind of the person who is on the verge of embarking on their journey of identity looking for any sign of inspiration to propel their confidence forward in the most significant way.
So I will focus more on my journey of discovering my DNA which led me to understand that I am descendent Senegal , guinea Bissau, and Sierra Leone with the Mandinka, Fula, and Mende people as my primary Tribal DNA links. What I found out about my DNA just pieces together a lot of my story and why I was always inclined towards music performance and presentation and even to teaching youth the art of creating music. Now that I can confirm that the Griot tradition is in my DNA Re-Imagining All Possibilitiesand that I am an actual descendant of the Tradition, I feel even more inspired and compelled to continue to create music and teach my form of artistic expression to my human family. Beyond the storytelling connection, my discovery also assisted me in letting me know the foods that I always incline towards naturally are the majority foods in the regions that I descended from. These are the foods that had sustained people that look like me and people that share my DNA strand over the years to the point of me arriving and thriving here in America. So one more confirmation for me is to remain a vegetarian being that I was a person that has gone back and forth with vegetarianism over the years wondering why I just could not commit to eating animals. Now I know why and it comes to no surprise that majority of the diets of the people on the part of the planet earth from which I descend are considered to be mainly vegetarian. Now I’m equipped with a little bit more guidance as to what I should eat. I cannot wait to arrive at other places of this journey where I can share with others and open people up to what exposure to this kind of information can mean to their lives.I am hoping with this journey that I can help to bring about a new level of sharing that can help shift the paradigm for how hip-hop artists from the Americas relate to their country of origin when they find out from where they descend. So I look forward to these next steps in this journey.
Since the creation of my hip-hop alter ego, superhero “Lord Judah” WorkshopsI’ve been fascinated with the idea of Africa and America being united. From studying artists like Bob Marley listening to groups like X-Clan the inspiration from the mother country has always been with me. I gave myself the name nickname “The Seed” maybe five or six years ago, and I created a logo which holds various symbologies that I continue to draw inspiration from as I explore new knowledge daily. At the time that I created ” The Seed ” I had begun my journey of finding out from who I descended and where I came from. I first utilized couple years back and found out some pretty cool things but I recently received my DNA certificate from African, and that took things to a new level. Originally I planned to deliver the message in February when I received my results late January. I initially wanted to provide the information to everyone Black history month, but I said that I would save it to reassert the message that Black history month is an everyday journey that each of us is on a collective scale as well as individuals. We as black people in America all have a different starting point, and when we begin to excavate our existence, we may find some interesting things that may lead us to a new way of viewing the world. So that was my intention with creating a link between “Black Panther” the movie, hip-hop and my connection to what I feel is a part of a great awakening. Kudos to all those embarking on their journey with the guts to share it with the world. As True He(ART)Academy gears up for its first workshop titled ” Super Hero Song Writers,” I would like to remind you all that my superhero is “Lord Judah,” and I will maintain that as my divine inspiration and guidance as I continue to do my work on the planet. I wish every one of you all the best. See you March 10th 2018!

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