True He(ART) Academy ” Art as a Tool ” Workshop in Cincinnati.

On October 10th True He(ART) Academy presented its 90-minute workshop at The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking  Mid-West Summit.

“Art as a Tool to Build Community Resilience and Mindfulness”
Participants experienced exercises in group-based grounding activities that demonstrated new ways to engage those whom they serve. The workshop opened with a mindful minute and a brief history of mindfulness and the role that it can play in the World of Creative Placemaking. Attendees also activated and shared their creativity and intentions for doing their part to collaborate with others in healing themselves and the places that they serve. Everyone left the workshop with some tools for grounding meditation and resilience building and some newfound approaches for utilizing art for a deeper dialogue about healing and what that can look and feel like within the places we serve.

Reach out to to find out how to get this powerful presentation brought to your organization or place, for your staff or others in your community.

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