True He(ART) Academy Workshop Series #1

True He(ART) Academy member highlight ” Egami Reh “

True He(ART) Academy would like to bring you the observer a little closer in on the experience that the 6 series course brings to the participants.

Here is a class one assignment completed by artist Egami Reh including a section of the written response.






Photos by, Temeka Diouf

A story behind the pictures

I chose a picture of me riding a white Brahma bull…

I was in Cuba. The caretaker of a Brahma Bull showed up gesturing in a way that seemed to ask all those gathered if anyone was interested in riding the bull. Between people mumbling under their breath while declining the invitation and others turning their heads as if they didn’t recognize the gesture…I happily said yes… even though I didn’t know what to expect. I just trusted all would be well. I approached the bull without fear and sat on him radiating love and thanking him for his generosity. I felt adventurous…ready to experience what I had not before…and to gift the camera-ready witnesses with what they wanted…more reasons to take pictures…I felt secure and confident…..there was even a moment when the caretaker started to be a little forceful with the bull…trying to make him sit when he didn’t really want to…so I remained in my heart and radiated more love and stillness …and shortly after the bull changed….he peacefully sat with the caretaker on the grass smiling…

Answers to prompts from class one

By prompting me to examine my heroes, Class One helped me focus on my true cares and the core values I want to emanate as a human and songwriter. I was also able to recognize my fascination with a big show…or grand miracles plain to see in the 3D. And though those are wonderful, there is something to be appreciated and celebrated about the “itsy bitsy” miracles that really aren’t so “itsy bitsy” like the capacity to source whatever peace, love, and joy that is desired at any given moment just by simply turning to the heart. I realize a smile, a kind word, a hug, etc…those small gestures can bend reality…they can be game-changers. And at this point, I have so much faith in love that I don’t need to see that it’s doing something to know that it’s working.

The music you produced helped me relax…I would listen to it…and do nothing but sit. I noticed high pitched tones (aside from your music) and sensations worked at my ears during the listening sessions.


Then later….as I went on about my day, I would have these surges of spontaneous inspiration sneak up on me…and a clarity about how to follow through with my ideas for the workshop song. These moments were so joy-infused. They were reminders that you can literally go from not having a clue of what to do… to knowing and purposefully doing without a single question in a matter of no time. A sudden electricity would jolt me, and then melody lines using the class one opener (the sacred tones) would come…and then another time…the lyrics would come…and then right when the musicality seemed a bit rocky…a friend would offer help.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice the frequent synchronicities. I saw superhero stuff everywhere all the time. Another synchronicity that stood out is how the bull and the elephant were main subjects for me in this assignment, and when I looked up information on the throat chakra at, it listed the bull and the elephant as mythological animals assigned to the throat center. I have used totems often in the past to upgrade my frequencies.


For me, mostly class one aided my focus…it was directly aligned with what I was intending…healing my throat….and moving into a space of creating something even others can benefit from…And, it was a magical reminder of what allowing yourself to receive the things you’ve been asking for can do.

So, I thank you again for your dedication and generosity. Gifts like these are priceless.

Egami Reh

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